The large number of our students and the variety of the vocational training require a large number of classrooms as well as highly specialized equipment, completed by general school infrastructure.

The old main building, which no longer provided the necessary facilities for modern vocational training, was completely replaced by a state-of-the-art structure. After several years of step-by-step demolition and reconstruction the new building came into operation in 2014 with construction costs amounting to 25 million Euro.

The building comprises 113 rooms for tuition with an average classroom size of 55-60 square meters; special rooms are more spacious. All rooms have interactive whiteboards and oxygen indicating devices. The school’s gym can be subdivided into three separate playing courts.

The business administration department uses several fully equipped data processing classrooms.

Dual trainees in the logistics departments can achieve the acknowledged operator license on one of our forklift trucks. For full-time tuition in this field of study, a special office simulator helps students to understand company processes.

Four kitchens each holding 4 students provide practical work experience for full-time tuition in some areas of vocational preparation.

It not only contains usual household tools, but also advanced devices used in restaurants or hotels, e. g. professional dishwashers, ovens, cookers, etc.

In the department for medical assistance laboratories outfitted with microscopes, special medical tools, models, etc. combine hands-on learning with theoretical instruction.

This also applies to teaching in crafts / trades and automotive engineering where highly specialized workshops are for example equipped with professional vehicle lifts, electronic laboratories, metal or wood processing devices, etc. .


Training in social services includes art and music lessons in a well-appointed special classroom setting.


For performances the music room can be opened up to the assembly hall,

 which adjoins a kiosk catering hand-made, freshly prepared tasty snacks for students and staff.

The bistro opposite provides a separate seated area for events in a relaxed and calm atmosphere.



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